Saturday, 26 June 2010

Not too good at this...!
I haven't updated this for some time, partly because I haven't been doing too much in the way of crafting, and partly because I have been rather preoccupied by one thing and another at home.
I made a large ammount of jewellery a couple of months ago - someone had arranged to throw me a 'fimo party', a bit like an Ann Summers party, but not nearly so risque! Well anyway, I'd made about 30 pairs of earrings, a few bracelets, necklaces and rings...
...a selection of greetings cards, a couple of door signs and my friend Steph (Jinx Designs - it's another blog, check her out, she's very good!) had provided me with some earring holders which were very pretty. Anyway, it transpired that the party was cancelled (2 days before it was due to take place, grumble grumble), so the stock went in to the gift shop my friend owns. Turns out that bracelets sell rather well, so I need to get on with making some more!

A colleague at work has asked for a couple of birthday cards too in the past couple of months, quite nice if I do say so myself...

I also made a VW Camper Van for a couple of friends of mine
who got married back in May. They hired Billy the Rainbow Camper Van for their honeymoon, and had asked me to make them a miniature for the top of their wedding cake. In the end they had a tower of cupcakes, but I still wanted to make the van for them. It turned out surprisingly well, it was a pain to make!

On a side note, I have become slightly obsessed with moving to the country. I have been spending my evenings perusing Right Move trying to find my dream home (with the emphasis on dream, as its not going to be reality any time soon). Not much joy on this side of the pond, so I moved on to, where I found a few dozen places that I would LOVE to live in - 4 bedrooms, detached, big gardens, no neighbours, near to small village shops. Love it. Now all I need is to find a way to make it happen!
Any ideas welcomed!

That's all from me for now...