Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm making a start...

In my last post I waffled a bit about how I'd love to live in the country, and have chickens and veg patches, no neighbours and a quiet, peaceful life. Well, I've made a start on it. Kind of...
I've started to grow my own veg, which is no mean feat seeing as I have NO outside space to call my own. As a present, my lovely hairy faced boyfriend (JTM) even bought me a mini gardening tools set and a tiny watering can to aid me in growing my windowsil garden!
I have tomatoes growing in one windowsil - some of the plants are up to 3ft tall now. No signs of fruit on them yet, but they're growing!
In another windowsil, I have 3 courgette plants. Didnt realise when I planted them that you get on average 15 courgettes per plant. Oops - there are only two of us in my house... Looks like my dad will be getting some! They've flowered a lot, now there are the first signs of baby courgettes growing. Even JTM is impressed with watching them grow.

In yet another windowsil I have the seedlings of bell pepper and cayenne pepper plants, basil, baby leaf salad and parsley.

Today I made some cheese and herb mini scones, using my own basil and parsley, and if I say so myself they are quite tasty. Although it slightly defeats the object of making mini ones when I eat 6 at a time... Ah well, the thought is there! I also made a salad, using my home-grown baby leaf salad leaves, and I made home-made vinegarette dressing to go over it. Also yummy.

As, at the moment, I am still a good way away from my dream home in the Irish countryside, I have been working on getting the country cottage look in my town centre terrace... I have been decorating! My kitchen is newly wallpapered - it's all very twee, but I really do like it. I've also bought a mini dresser to go on the wall, stolen an egg-chicken from my Dad for on top of the microwave, and made plans to get some curtains for the windows. The final stage (eventually) will be to get some tiles for the splashbacks and the floor, and actually finish it off! One step at a time though...

So there are my updates. My life isn't anything at all wild or exciting, but I dont really want anything like that. I'm going for the simple life... I reckon I'll get there! Any helpful suggestions are very welcome too, I'm only just starting!