Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I though I would have a go at this, as my oldest sister (www.daffodilsanddandelions.blogspot.com) is fast becoming a huge fan and recommended I set up my own blog to spread the word about me and my crafting creations...

Introductions first...
My name is Leonie (or Leonie-Grace if you're checking my birth certificate!), although no-one apart from my Nan (on my Dad's side) calls me that. My dad and my brother call me Pin, although no-one can remember why any more... My biggest sister, her hubby and 2 children call me Peggy/Peg/Pegster, depending on how good a mood they are in. My other sister calls me Onion, my Grandad calls me Ionie, some of my uncles call me Nooch, some of my aunties call me Oonie (I say some of because I have 30 or so of each!), my Nan on my Mum's side calls me Amie (the name of one of my cousins, but I always know when she means me - maybe because she calls my cousin Amie 'Mary', who is another of my cousins, who she calls Kerry, who is another of my cousins... I have 30 odd cousins, so you can see where this is going), my friends call me Loni, my boyfriend Jake (who I call Boyfriend) calls me Girlfriend and my parrot calls me Cheeky Good Boy. I live in Cheshire with the previously mentioned boyfriend and parrot and I like to craft!

I have a love of fimo (I say fimo as it's quicker to write than Polymer Clay, and fimo is readily available in my town so that's what I use most, but I'm not a clay snob). I make pretty much anything you can think of - cards for any occasion, door signs, plaques for special occasions, cake toppers, jewellery (although that is still a fairly new addition to my repertoire), Christmas decorations, key rings, small ornaments. Just not faces...

I will be adding more shortly, (possible even later today), but just for right now I'll say goodbye!


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  1. Whay Hay - Welcome Peg - Delighted you gave it a go!! Can wait to see all your fimo creations and hopefully you'll put up the odd tutorial (for the benefit of your lovely niece as he mother is a modelling incompetant!!!