Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Stitching and cooking, not in equal measure

I've had a sewing machine for about 5 years. Saturday was the first time it has been turned on in those years. Admittedly for a good portion of that time, I had misplaced the foot pedal... I have moved house 3 times since acquiring the machine, and seemingly only took parts of it with me. I searched ALL the boxes I hadn't unpacked and it wasn't there. So I checked the ONE box I knew it wasn't in, and lo, it was there. So, I asked my aunty (who my sister will attest is an amazing woman, an incredible role model who could build a log cabin from scratch and then furnish it for you) to give me a sewing lesson. And she obliged. So, Sunday, and my Aunty came, ready for my lesson. I set up the machine (after 10 minutes trying to find the illusive foot pedal - I'd put it somewhere safe after I found it, and subsequently lost it again), read through the instructions and settled at the table, ready to thread the machine. But no! No bobbin. I had EVERYTHING needed except that. My bobbins were in fact in storage - one of the few things I hadn't removed from my Dad's house during my various moves, and he had put it into storage while having his house renovated. Curses. So, we went on a bobbin hunt. Tesco, no joy. Rymans, no joy. TJ Huges, no joy. Aldi - full sewing machine - possibly a little OTT just for a 20p bobbin. So, trek back up to my aunty's house (a good 15 minute drive from me). But finally, bobbin joy.From then on, the lesson was productive, informative and enjoyable. And now, I just need to practice getting a straight line, then I can feather my cap some more! And with perfect timing, my lovely hairy-faced man bought me this....

Happy days! Lots of lovely projects to get stuck in to!

I think it might have been a thank you for the meat and veg pie I made for him the other day. My first attempt at pie... I'm hoping to be more home-focused... Making my home nice, cooking more, crafting more, that sort of thing!

I know the heart is a bit twee, but I had spare pastry... Incidentally, I hate making pastry. I'm pleased that I can, and because I know I can, I think its reasonable for me to buy ready-made stuff from now on. Is this acceptable?!

I haven't done any more crafting since my last post, but I have been cooking a lot. In addition to my pie I have made 2 lots of banana bread (a hairy-face favourite), cannelloni, and what I like to call 'pasta-quiche' (something I keep insisting my sister make, because it is yum-scrum).

Cook pasta and leave to one side
Chop onion, mushrooms, peppers, bacon, chicken (or whatever you would normally put in a quiche), and cook until soft
Beat 3 eggs together with a dash of milk and some salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients in a greased quiche dish
Cover with some grated cheese
Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes

Serve hot or cold, it sits well in old tummy tumkins. Mmm-mm!

This week I have been working the late shift, so my evenings are painfully cut short. It makes me grumpy. I'd much rather finish work at 4 and have hours and hours to while away on crafts and cooking and lovely things. Stupid work getting in my way. Ah well, back on 8-4s in a week and a half... Roll on February 7th! I'll be much more productive then!

Anyway, that's all for now.





  1. Yes - Aunty G is a totally amazing woman, she can do anything and everything. I was surprised to hear that she'd never tried spinning yarn tho!

    That book is awesome - go JTM!! I am looking forward to all the little lovelies that you'll make for me on your sewing journey :o)

    As for the pasta kwitch, I think I'll make it for tea tomorrow because we like having full tummy tumkins. I miss Peter Ginn.

    I will NOT be making pastry it is the work of the devil, making it is a punishment for being a bad person. There are so many better things to do with the time that it uses.

    Keep up the good work.

    Loves you xxxxx

  2. Hello there,

    thanks for becoming a follower, I'm glad you like my blog enough to follow it!

    I've had a look around your blog - your crochet blanket is looking good! I'd love to be able to crochet but I'm not very crafty :(

    Hope to read more here soon


  3. My sentiments exactly when it comes to pie crust ;) you've been a busy baker. Everything sounds delish. Nothing like baking in a warm cozy kitchen & making home to keep the winter blues away + stay warm. The pasta quiche sounds 'yum scrum' (love that, I'm stealing it ;) I just bought a new quiche dish, gonna have to try this recipe this weekend. I think it would be good served with the Nigella salad my mom just posted on her blog. I think I've seen you ( your comment) over at her place. Firefly cottage. I love this little blog world. It's like a small town of friends ;) welcome.

    Ps happy the bobbin was found, alas.

  4. Hi Peggy --so glad to meet you! The canneloni recipe sounds so good. I love quiche and love pasta -- the two together sounds perfect! And no, I don't think your heart topped pie looks twee, but then, I like twee ;).