Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's all about the love...

Tonight I have been mostly making Valentine's cards...

I have a friend (well really she's a friend of my sister who I have come to know quite well) who owns and runs a gift shop with her sister - Mootiful Gifts. Well, Lovely Anna and Lovely Emma have agreed to pimp my wares through their lovely shop, so at important points in the calendar I make stuff! At Christmas I make cards and decorations - angels, Christmas trees, puds, stars etc. Valentine's day is all about the cards. Mother's Day, some more cards! I also have some door signs and bits and pieces of jewellery in the shop all year round! They're ever so kind to me!

As it's getting ever closer to the Saint's day, I thought I should get a wriggle on and get some cards made. Tonight was my mission!

The finished articles, all packaged and ready to sell! 5 hours work on my living room floor!

Let me know what you think, hope you all like!

Big love

Peg xxx


  1. I like them!

    I have a great windchime I got from mootiful a few years ago... I thought it had closed down but perhaps it just moved? I shall be sure to go for another browse when I am next in Macclesfield.

  2. Can't beat a handmade card. That was time well spent me thinks :o)

    And each one of those hearts were handmade - you have the patience of Job!!!!

    xoxox Mwah xoxox

  3. Mootiful has moved further up the high street, closer to the centre of town. Look out for it when you are next there - it's near Poundland and Lloyds TSB.

    All the hearts were hand made indeed, very time consuming! Glad you like!

    Peg xxx

  4. Hi P! I love the 'stuff' you're making! Those little hearts are so dear -- much like you I expect ;)!