Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When technology conspires against you....

....Do some crochet!

I haven't spoken to my lovely sister properly for a few days now, and that's very unusual! We may be on opposite sides of the Irish sea, but it's not uncommon for us to talk for 2 or 3 hours a day, thanks to the wonders of technology. Well, technology has been letting us down recently. If it's not her internet connection, it's my Skype account. It looks like it loads. It tells me it has loaded. And yet, it refuses to work. Sometimes it even opens, but then freezes my computer. Then, as if to kick me in the teeth, it refuses to close. It taunts me, saying "you can look at me, but you can't use me". Ooh it's annoying.

And, to make matters worse, an office rearrangement means that it's now more difficult to have a bit of sneaky google chat with my lovely big sis.

All in all, not cool.

So, to compensate for my lack of cyber company, I have been working on this...

It's getting quite big! Still a work in progress and the intention is to make it at least twice the size, so still a way to go, but it's looking good I think! I wish I had any kind of photographic skill...

I hope you like!

Peg xxx

ps. Come back soon hedgehog!


  1. Hi Peggy!
    I've never even tried skype -- it intimidates me ;). Plus, I'm not so sure I want anyone to see how I look as I sit in front of my computer in my p.j.'s with crazy hair!
    Your blankie looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it all finished -- looks like you're very close. All that sewing together is the worst part, isn't it?

  2. p.s. forgot to say . . . your blankie reminds me a little of one I covet in "Nanny McPhee" ;)

  3. looks like the blanket is coming along nicely!

    Thanks for your comment - I'm glad you thought it was an interesting post, I almost deleted it as I thought it was a bit crap lol!

    I lived in upperhulme for my first 22 years, with the Roaches as my playground. I long to move back there to a house with gorgeous views of the rocks, but I'm going to need a lottery win to achieve that! :(

  4. Hello my lovely. The blanket is awesome, just like you! Missing you very much too. No laptop = no fun. Xxx